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Nach einer längeren Frühjahrspause wird es mal wieder Zeit für einen unserer ddt Podcast. Diesmal beschert uns Koolkat den Temperaturen entsprechend ein hormongeschwängerten Mix aus selten Funk und Boogie-Perlen. >> Download » weiterlesen


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Pursuit Grooves - "I don't want to be known for only 1 thing!"
by Thamash Kestawitz

There's a performance, people normally call “one man show”, but Pursuit Grooves is actually a woman and simply more than that. She produces not only her own tunes, sings and spits her own texts, she also does an amazing live PA and started her own label What Rules Records to put out her first album in 2006. This year already her 3rd album came out on Pinch's label Tectonic, so Pursuit Groove will show some of her freshest tunes in Dresden at the next event of the Laptop-Battle Dresden 2010 Warm Up series. That's why we talked to her about the world of broken beat, her collection of SP505s and the famous Red Bull Music Academy.

Thamash: What inspired you as a teenager to start MCing first and than making beats? Any special song or artist?

Pursuit Grooves: I was always into music as a kid. I had little plastic horns, record players, recorders, etc. I have cassette recordings of me when I was 6 or 7 years old singing other peoples tracks on my little recorder. I started writing a bit of poetry at 9 or 10. A few years later those became rap songs. Once I realized I was good at it I just kept up with it. I was also acting a lot as a kid so performing came naturally. I got a few electronic instruments etc and I tried to create my own music. I was hooked. I listened to a lot of Janet Jackson and Salt'N'Pepa growing up. Then I became fascinated with who was actually making the music.

Thamash: To run a label makes a lotof work. So why do you found your own one named What Rules Records?Wasn't there any label, who wanted to release your music or do youwanted to stay independent?

Pursuit Grooves: What Rules Records whenit started was basically me not wanting to wait for someone else to putthe music out. Its not like I didn't try to find a label that wasinterested! I guess everything comes in time, whether it's a certainsound that gets peoples attention at the moment or just finding theright support. I do believe it all happens the way its supposed toreally.

Thamash: Not long ago Kelly Hand from Detroit, who is sometimes called "1st lady in Dance Music", told me, that in the beginning 90s it was very hard to start releasing music by herself in a male dominated scene. Do you think it is much easier nowadays to put out own tunes as a women without an established label behind?

Pursuit Grooves: I think its more about timing. I remember 10 years ago making cassette demos, and then CDs and sending them to A&Rs of different labels. There was one mailing address and you would hope it got to someone. Now its just easier to email someone mp3s and hope for a much direct and quicker response.

Thamash: But at least you also released tracks on very well known and much respected labels like Rush Hour or XLR8R. How do you wake up there interest. Did they offered you to give them some of your tunes or did you simply send them a demo?

Pursuit Grooves: Its been the emerging technology of the web and digital files that have made sending and promoting music much easier than before. That's pretty much how most of my connections were made.

Thamash: Your current album "Fox Trot Mannerisms" has been released on Pinch's label Tectonic. It's quite a stylistic shift from the dark Dubstep they normally put out. Which relationship does Dubstep from UK and experimental Hip Hop from the US have in your opinion? Does they inspire each other more then every at the moment?

Pursuit Grooves: There's a very interesting musical scene going on right now which almost defies genre. Its an instrumental beat driven style that rides different tempos. Some folks lean more hip hop, some more electronic and some more dubstep etc. There are so many influences and sometimes they intermingle very well. I think Beat Dimensions, and Flying Lotus along with a few other things really got beatmakers thinking a bit differently. Some were comfortable being a bit more Jay-Dee-esque while others wanted to experiment with faster or more electronic vibes. Its just personal taste I think.

Thamash: Hear in Dresden we have two guys, Cuthead and Jacob Korn, who had the opportunity to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy and made a lot of connections to international musicians an labels there. How important was your participation at the RBMA for your own personal development as an artist?

Pursuit Grooves:Being around other musicians from all over the world is quite amazing. You really have a chance to realize, that there are others out there, who have the same sort of passion you do. You may not feel this everyday in your normal life. The lectures are also very inspiring and I left there knowing that I wanted to give it my all.

Thamash: Is itcorrect, that you only prefer to use hardware for producing your track?Why that? Are software applications to immaterial for you? Do you needsomething to touch? I heard you own at least three SP505. What makesthis tools so special for you, that you favor them?

Pursuit Grooves: I bought myfirst one in 2002 and it just worked for me. I have bought otherhardware samplers later on, but I ended up selling them all! I justlike the feel of the buttons and the ease of use. I use it in a bit ofa different way, but it works for me. For this album I started usingGarageband just to give me more sequencing options and that has helpedas well. I also like hardware synths, so I use that mostly. I'm notsaying there is anything wrong with software, I'm just a creature ofhabit and once I find something that works, I stick with it. I'm notone to hop from gear to gear. I understand for portability reasonscertain things make sense. I'm just one to go at my own pace as opposedto hopping on the new hottest thing. I just want to make good music andwaste little time trying to start from scratch. With that, I am stillopen to new tools that will enhance and not distract from what I do.

Thamash: Music critics say, that there's a bigdifference of intensity between your productions and your liveperformances. Do you make tunes mainly for home listening and your liveinterpretations of them specially for the floor or what is it all about?

Pursuit Grooves: As of late I've been making music forthe clubs, or just music with a bounce. Some of my earlier productionsare a bit more trip hop or down tempo for lack of a better term, but Ienjoy good soulful music that can also make you dance. That seems to bewhere my head is at. It also works better for the live shows. But I'msure future projects will also include a variety of tempos andfeelings. I consider myself an artist and I don't want to be known foronly one thing. I'm thinking long term.

Thamash: What are your plans for the future? More or less tracks, bookings, collaborations? Will there be something released again on our own label What Rules Records?

Pursuit Grooves: Right now I'm focused on making more music, playing more shows and more collaborations and remixes. I've made this my full time job, so I'm all about building my name in various ways. I want to not only put out good music, but also inspire people. Music has so much power. I'd be foolish not to realize this, especially since its so international.

Thamash: That sounds great and I'm sure, we'll hear a lot more of you in the future. So we wish you success in establishing and developing yourself in all the different ways you like to. Thank you for your time and detailed answers.

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Datum: 19.12.14
Ort: Groovestation

Line Up:
Moritz Simon Geist - Sonic Robots Liveperformance
Tanzatelier Kokü

Alte Festplatten, Metallzungen und Relais - klingt für die meisten nach Elektroschrott, nicht aber für Moritz Simon Geist. Für ihn ist es das Fundament, um daraus durchgedrehte robotische Instrumente zu frickeln, deren Klänge er in tanzbare Musikkompositionen einbaut. Music Hacking nennt sich das und davon versteht der Mann einiges! Neulich erst mit Mouse on Mars auf der Bühne, zeigt er uns nun in der GrooveStation einen Einblick in sein elektronisches Orchester „Sonic Robots“. Dessen live produzierter Sound bewegt sich irgendwo zwischen 8-Bit, Techno, gebrochenen Beats und Roboterfunk. Die Liveperformance wird umrahmt vom Tanzatelier Kokü, das noch eins drauflegt: Breaks, House und viel Bass. Kein Abend zum Schmusen - lasst es uns drauf ankommen!

Video: Klick!

Weltweites Netz:

Eintritt: 3€ bis 23:00 Uhr, danach 5€

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Beginn: 22: Uhr
Eintritt: /b €

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